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Not being a gardener and having no botanical knowledge whatsoever I reluctantly agreed to go to the Eden Project.  There had to be something in it of course because of the thousands who make the pilgrimage every year but I went expecting the worst and found it.  Yes that makes me a heathen I guess, but one large green leaved plant looked much the same as another and I soon lost interest; and the mist on my lens took ages to clear. The irritating humidity and steep uphill climb in the tropical dome didn't make me amenable to anything that grew upright and had flowers on it. 
But then my eye was taken by the various tableaux, which strangely enough people walked passed without too much of a second glance.   Yes, here was something I could turn my camera to and the odd leaf here and there did have the most incredible graphical and textural quality.  Would I go again, well you might have guessed the answer.  But thousands do and thorough enjoy the experience into the bargain.
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